The Autoimmune Doc Podcast

  • 011 - Why Is Gluten So Bad?

    011 - Why Is Gluten So Bad?
    You may have heard the news, but gluten is not good, especially for autoimmune people. 

    Gluten is obviously associated with Celiac Disease, which is relatively rare, but it's actually much more common to have NCGS, or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, and gluten sensitivity can impact far more than just the gut and digestion. I hear about it all the time - people notice that eating gluten flares their inflammation, their anxiety, their joint pain, brain fog, headaches, depression, fatigue, stomach aches.....MOST people who cut gluten out will notice an improvement in my opinion!
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  • 008 - Which Supplements Work Best for Autoimmunity?

    008 - Which Supplements Work Best for Autoimmunity?
    There are TONS of supplements out there today, and they all have promising claims, but in my functional medicine practice I see people all the time who have been let down by supplements. Many of them bring bags of products in, and often they weren’t a bad idea, it might even be some things that I like to use often, but they are still not feeling well because they haven't figured out the right dosage or combination for THEM. Then, when they begin to understand the mechanisms of their autoimmunity and the goal of their supplements, we can combine targeted protocols with appropriate lifestyle strategies to change systems - and their symptoms improve!
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