May 19, 2021

011 - Why Is Gluten So Bad?

By Autoimmune Doc
011 - Why Is Gluten So Bad?




You may have heard the news, but gluten is not good, especially for autoimmune people. 

Gluten is obviously associated with Celiac Disease, which is relatively rare, but it's actually much more common to have NCGS, or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, and gluten sensitivity can impact far more than just the gut and digestion. I hear about it all the time - people notice that eating gluten flares their inflammation, their anxiety, their joint pain, brain fog, headaches, depression, fatigue, stomach aches.....MOST people who cut gluten out will notice an improvement in my opinion!

In this podcast, I give 3 reasons why gluten is so bad:

1 - The testing is not adequate, and it gives people false sense of security and doesn't accurately catch the problem when people are seeking help. Conventional testing only looks for "Gliadin", and sometimes only looks for IgA response against gliadin, which is inadequate. See #2 for reasons why it's inadequate. 

2 - Wheat has many more proteins in it than just gluten, and they can induce an inflammatory immune response (in fact some might be worse than Gliadin) including Wheat Germ Agglutinins, Gliadin Toxic Proteins, Gluteomorphin, Non-Gluten Proteins, and more. Cyrex Array 3x tests many more components of the Wheat/Gluten Proteome, including the Transglutaminases, which can indicate gluten-mediated 'attack' against the gut (Celiac), the skin, or the brain. 

3 - Gluten antibodies cross-reacts with many tissues and foods, including cerebellum, thyroid peroxidase (TPO, common in Hashimoto's), Myelin Basic Protein (demyelinating diseases like MS), 21-Hydroxylase (adrenal), osteocyte (bone), myocardial peptide (heart), ovary, and more, and gluten antibodies can also cross-react with dairy, corn, rice, oats, yeast and millet. 

These reasons, and more, are good reason why you should avoid eating gluten, and are discussed in detail in this episode!

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