Dr. Taylor Krick BSc, DC - @AutoimmuneDoc

I'm Dr. Taylor Krick. A couple years back, I was running routine labs on myself and discovered that I had Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis, and I was pretty shocked. Sure I had my business, I had 2 twin baby girls, I was under a ton of stress so yeah - I was tired!! I didn't expect autoimmune disease though. Since then I've uncovered more about my personal story, specifically revolving around mold toxicity, but more about that later....
I was already helping a lot of autoimmune patients every day with their labs, nutrition, detox, and chiropractic care in my clinic (which was voted as the Best of Utah in Alternative Medicine in 2017), so I was already pretty obsessed with learning about natural health and how to care for my patients, but around that time I REALLY dove into researching autoimmune disease. I've since sold my clinic in Utah and opened a new one, focused exclusively on Functional Medicine and specializing in chronic and complex health conditions. I've now done thousands of health histories on patients. I've now run thousands of labs.  I've done thousands of hours of Continuing Education, I've read all the books I can, I read all the scientific research I can, and as science continues to discover more and more about autoimmunity, I utilize that information in practice. 
I now feel comfortable calling myself an expert in autoimmune disease and everything that goes along with it - nutrition, lab interpretation, supplement protocols, and more. 
My favorite part about practice is patient education. My patients who understand autoimmunity get the best results, no doubt. The purpose of this site is to educate, to share my autoimmune expertise that I've gained both as a patient and as a doctor. I believe that when you understand the mechanisms of autoimmune disease, the solutions become obvious. 
Welcome to our tribe. Together, we learn more. If you ever have a question for me personally please reach out!