May 07, 2021

008 - Which Supplements Work Best for Autoimmunity?

By Autoimmune Doc
008 - Which Supplements Work Best for Autoimmunity?





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There are TONS of supplements out there today, and they all have promising claims, but in my functional medicine practice I see people all the time who have been let down by supplements. Many of them bring bags of products in, and often they weren’t a bad idea, it might even be some things that I like to use often, but they are still not feeling well because they haven't figured out the right dosage or combination for THEM. Then, when they begin to understand the mechanisms of their autoimmunity and the goal of their supplements, we can combine targeted protocols with appropriate lifestyle strategies to change systems - and their symptoms improve!

In this podcast I go through a couple main categories of supplements that are important for autoimmunity specifically, and I spend the most time on anti-inflammatories and gut-healing supplements, because those impact most autoimmune people. I talk briefly about the mechanisms of inflammation, including NFkB (Nuclear Factor Kappa Beta), iNOS (inducible Nitric Oxide), and "resolution" with Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators. Anti-inflammatory supplements mentioned include:
- Turmeric
- Resveratrol
- Glutathione
- Fish Oil (and SPMs)
- Huperzine A, Gingko (Nitric Balance)
- herbs, flavonoids, etc

The gut supplements I mention include:
- Glutamine
- Probiotics
- Short-Chain Fatty Acids
- Vitamins A & D

 I then touch briefly on some other things. There are tons of "others", but it begins to get so specific that I don't want anyone thinking they should try any of it. Often you have to kill infections, balance T cell polarization, remove toxins, improve digestion, support brain health, improve hormone function, and more, but I mention:
- Th1/Th2 imbalance or other immune modulation
- Influencing "pathogen clearance" or killing of infections
- Influencing digestion - enzymes, stomach acid, bile stimulation, etc
- Glandulars like adrenal or thyroid
- Adaptogens like ashwaganda, Rhodiola, Holy Basil, etc
There are a ton that I didn't mention, so it's not all-inclusive, these are just some of my favorites. Some that I think I left out include:
- Magnesium (duh)
- Zinc
- Potassium
- I also didn't mention much about flavonoids, which I love, including quercetin and luteolin

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