Para Kit (Full Moon Kit) - Parasite Detox Challenge

If you have a pulse you have parasites. Some are bigger issues than others, and some parasites can cause a lot of stress on the body when out of balance. 

This is especially true during full moons. This Para Kit, formerly known as 'the 'Full Moon Kit' is great to use around full moons when your melatonin is low and serotonin high. This is when parasites are most active.

These parasite formulas are well tested over many years and across many clinics to make sure they can tackle parasite problems. Then we add BioToxin binder as well to mop up the toxins these parasites release, especially when being hunted down and neutralized.

Cellcore's Para Kit is a great way to get started on dealing with parasites now, or around full moons.

1. Biotoxin Binder is a systemic carbon-based binder to start sopping up all kinds of toxins. Its short and long-chained carbons allow it to cross the blood-brain barrier to grab toxins from parasites everywhere. You can also take it with food, unlike traditional binders.

2. Para 1 will coat the intestines to help scrub the walls while also smothering unwanted critters. This needs to be an hour before food in the morning and 2 hours after food before bed.

3. Para 2 will target pesky parasites that are draining your immune system and causing inflammation and other issues in your tissues.

4. Para 3 is a boss with systemic and hard to reach parasites. It's so strong that it should be taken for 3 weeks then a week off before repeating. It likes to target strongyloides, liver flukes, clostridium, Blastocystis hominis and more.