June 01, 2021

013 - Month In Review: May 2021

By Autoimmune Doc
013 - Month In Review: May 2021




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I get to be involved with a lot of people's health journeys, and I think they are all super cool. I love puzzles and I love educating people on their puzzles, some of the missing pieces, or how some pieces might fit together differently than they had expected. Talking about these stories on this podcast helps you understand exactly what I do and how I help people trying to solve their own health puzzles. This month I saw people:

- With diagnosed autoimmunity  - Hashimoto's, RA, MS, etc etc
- With undiagnosed autoimmunity - hypothyroidism, self-tissue antibodies, positive ANAs
- With possible autoimmunity - Symptoms like Anxiety, Fatigue, Neuro symptoms....
- With mycotoxins from mold exposure
- With similar symptoms but WITHOUT mycotoxin exposure
- With Post-COVID symptoms - some with known autoimmunity and some without 
- Eating AIP, Paleo, Keto
- Sending me blood sugar and ketone measurements
- Who had made great progress
- Who were just beginning their journey
- Who were trying to get around roadblocks
- Who were really fed up with the progress they had made thus far

The point of telling these stories is that I join people on their health journeys, and we are all at different points of our health journey, and although we have "direction", there really is no final destination. The journey doesn't end, it just has different legs, different stretches, different scenery, different weather.

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