May 27, 2021

012 - How to EAT When You Have Autoimmunity

By Autoimmune Doc
012 - How to EAT When You Have Autoimmunity




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This is a REALLY popular topic - because most people with autoimmunity notice a change in their symptoms with foods - but they don't know exactly what they should or should NOT be eating!

I did forget to mention in this episode - this episode does skip the basics. You should avoid processed foods, hydrogenated oils, sugars, colorings, candy, fried foods, soda, gas station food, etc. - DUH. Sorry.

I think that PALEO is a good place for most autoimmune people to wind up remaining (grain-free, dairy-free, processed-free). I also discuss the concept of being "Paleo-ish", which is a very realistic expectation for most autoimmune people.

In this episode I go through several different Elimination/Provocation Diets, including:
- IFM's Elimination Diet
- Whole30
- Autoimmune Paleo Protocol

I also discuss my "10 Steps of Autoimmune Eating" concept, which is basically a framework for how you can move "up or down" the steps - you might try to live at step #6 all the time, which is gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, but sometimes you might need to go up to step #9 and get stricter and eliminate all grains, eggs, and nightshades for a time being, and then you might come back down to step #6 again.


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