April 10, 2021

001 - Welcome to the Autoimmune Doc Podcast!

By Autoimmune Doc
001 - Welcome to the Autoimmune Doc Podcast!




Welcome to the Autoimmune Doc Podcast! This episode is pretty basic, it's an introduction to Dr. Taylor and an introduction to the podcast, giving some background and some insight into the purpose and intention of this podcast. 

Autoimmunity is rampant today, more and more people are being diagnosed (and at a younger age!), and many more people are suffering unknowingly.  Dr. Taylor Krick is a chiropractic physician and functional medicine practitioner who specializes in helping those with autoimmunity and chronic toxicity, but he also HAS autoimmunity himself - Hashimoto's thyroiditis. 

Dr. Taylor is passionate about learning and teaching about the underlying  mechanisms behind autoimmune disease. He has taken 1000's of continuing education hours and reads dozens of studies each week, and creates videos, articles, and now podcast episodes to teach these mechanisms. When you understand the mechanisms, the solutions become obvious!


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